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How to I send an email?
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How do I send an email?


1. Sign into the app

Enter your username and password. Then, press login. You can also use the Face ID login.



2. Tap the three bars located on the top left of the app.

This will open the app menu.



3. Tap Fundraise

This will allow you to ask peers for donations.



4. Swipe your finger to the left to toggle between messages.

There are multiple different message options for you to choose from.



5. Once you locate the message you want to send, click on the Envelop icon.

You can also share with Facebook, messaging, and LinkedIn.



6. The email app on your IOS device will open.

If you do not have an email set up in this app, you will need to set one up prior to being able to send emails.



7. Type the desired recipients name or email.

You can choose to type multiple names or emails to send a group email. You can also send to only one recipient.


8. Send the email

This will send the email to all your desired recipients.



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