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How do I make a Facebook post?
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How do I make a Facebook Post?

1. Sign into the app

Enter your username and password. Then, press login. You can also use the Face ID login.




2. Tap the three bars located on the top left of the app.

This will open the app menu.



3. Tap Fundraise

This will allow you to ask peers for donations.



4. Swipe your finger to the left to toggle between messages.

There are multiple different message options for you to choose from.



5. Once you locate the message you want to send, click on the Facebook icon.

You can also share with email, messaging, and LinkedIn.



6. A message will appear stating that the content has been copied to your clipboard.

You will need to paste the message once Facebook opens.



7. Tap on the close button

You must press close to continue.



8. Facebook will open

If you are not logged in, the sign-in page will open for you.


9. Tap in the text box and press Paste

This will paste the message you copied to your clipboard.



10. Choose if you want to post to your feed or your story

If you put it on your story, people will need to choose to see it. If you put it on your feed, it will automatically appear in your friend's newsfeed.


11. Tap on the Post button

This will post it to your chosen destination.





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