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How to fundraise with the QR code?
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How to fundraise with the QR code?


1. Sign into the app

Enter your username and password. Then, press login. You can also use the Face ID login.



2. Tap on the three bars located in the top left of the app.

This will open the app menu.



3. Tap Fundraise

There is a QR code located on here that will allow you to send friends and family a link to your personal page.



4. Choose one of the options below the QR code.

This will let you send the code or save it.



5. If you choose email, the QR code will automatically be pasted into an email draft.

Your device's native email will also be filled in.


6. If you choose save, the QR code will be saved to your device's photo library.

You can then forward it anywhere.


7. If you choose the send option, you can choose where you want to send the link attached to the QR code.

For this option the QR code will not actually be attached.





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