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How to update your personal page?
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How to update your Personal Page?


If you use an app with an email login, you will not be able to update your personal image through the app. You can update it on your fundraising page.

If you are a team captain updating your team page follows the same instructions.


1. Sign into the app

Enter your username and password. Then, press login. You can also use the Face ID login.



2. Tap on the three bars located in the top left of the app.

This will open the app menu.



3. Tap Manage Page

This is where you can update your URL, story, and profile image.



4. The top box on this page will allow you to edit your personal URL.

To change it press Edit Personal URL.






5. The next section allows you to change your personal page image.

You can either take a photo or choose from your gallery.







6. The final section allows you to edit your personal page story.

You can also view your personal page using the view button.


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