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How do I deposit a check using the mobile app?
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How to deposit a check?


1. Sign into the app

Enter your username and password. Then, press login. You can also use the Face ID login.



2. Tap on the three bars located in the top left of the app

This will open the app menu.


3. Tap Donations



4. Click on Deposit Check







5. On the first tile, select where you want to credit the donation:

You can choose between you’re personal fundraising page or your team page if you are on a team.




6. Scan the front and back of the check:

You can click on the left camera icon to scan the front check and then click on the right camera icon to scan the back of the check. Note: Don’t forget to have the check endorsed for Mobile Check Deposit







7. For Donor Type:

The donor type can either be an individual check or a company check.




8. For Confirm Check Amount:

Enter the amount of the check donation.








9. For Check number:

Enter the check number; you can find it in the top right corner of the check. 





10. The app will automatically fill in the donor information:

Review the information and make adjustments if needed. Once all the required fields are filled out you can click the deposit button to submit the check.

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