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How do I sign into the app?
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How do I sign into the app?


For Username/Password login apps, refer to Section 1 and Note 1. For Email login apps, refer to Section 2 steps 1-5 and Note 2.


Section 1: It’s never been easier! Just enter the username and password you used to register for the event on the login screen.



Note 1: If you forgot your password, simply select the Forgot Password button to reset your password on the website.





Section 2:

Step 1 Enter your email

Press Get Login Code to have your code emailed to you.



Step 2: Open your email app

This will allow you to see the email with your code.



Step 3: Find the email with your code.

You will need this to access the app.



Step 4: Return to the app and enter your code

Once entered, press login.




Note 2: If you need a new login code, press the Get New Login Code button. Once you press the button, your old login code will not work, and you will receive a new one.


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